Earlier this week, the New York Daily News announced that the State Liquor Authority had hammered out an agreement with major beer distributors to stop shipping Four Loko as of November 19th, and that anywhere found selling the drink from shipments placed after that point could be fined. It's already been banned in several other states.

Why the move to stop selling? Sold in a number of sweet, fruity flavors, each 23.5-ounce can of the drink, 12.0% ABV, has as much alcohol as a six-pack of many beers, and twice as much caffeine as a small Red Bull—which many claim actually masks the effect of alcohol consumption, making drinkers feel as if they can consume more. That said, some argue that plenty of other drinks, from Red Bull and vodka to strong liquor-based cocktails, are just as dangerous, and it's illogical to ban just Four Loko.

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