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Kim Ima, owner, driver, and primary seller of the Treats Truck, is a one-woman bake sale. The display windows of her stout white truck, which she has named Sugar, are packed with all the cookies, brownies, and Rice Krispies treats one could hope for. The Treats Truck motto—"Not too fancy, always delicious"—captures the duo's charming and unpretentious air perfectly. Ima and Sugar do not make claims of any remarkable culinary break-throughs. Instead, the Treats Truck offers up exactly what it purports to: yummy desserts with a home-baked flair.

To hear Ima tell it, the story of her foray into world of mobile food reads like a fairytale. "

When I first started out (in June of 2007), there weren't a lot of new trucks on the street. There were a lot of old school ice cream trucks, and many of their owners took me under their wings, wondering 'Who is this crazy girl with her cookie truck?' I made a lot of friends, but I was also told 'Oh foolish girl, you stay in one spot. You find your spot and you stay.'

But I told them, 'You don't understand. I want customers in different neighborhoods and I'm going to try to be in the same place every Tuesday, but on Wednesday, I'll be somewhere else.'

As you can guess, the story turns out well, with the help of a loyal customer base and her new friend Twitter. But now we come to another gap in the road: as a customer, what should you buy? Here's my rundown.

For the Sugar Lovers:

The sugar cookie is nothing to scoff at: a basic dough topped with soft, buttery frosting and sprinkles. I was less impressed with my other two purchases in this category. The chocolate chip cookie is basically a sugar cookie dotted with chocolate chips; I felt as if it couldn't quite decide whether it wanted to be soft and doughy or crispy and hard, and the texture suffered as a consequence. The Rice Krispies treat was overwhelmed by the marshmallow, and the cranberries, when I could taste them, were less bright than they were incongruous, a false note in the composition.

For the Lovers of Butterscotch:


This butterscotch brownie, on the other hand, made me remember how much I love butterscotch. The recipe, which I might otherwise have discounted as cloying, was so smooth and buttery as to render me speechless. The walnuts balanced the rest perfectly with a slight nutty crunch.

For the Chocolate Lovers:


Of the vast array of chocolate brownie options, I chose the Mexican chocolate brownie. Fudgy and somewhat granular, the brownie itself was good but unremarkable; that said, a healthy dose of cinnamon sugar baked into the top like a crust and a few legitimately spicy chocolate chips tipped the scales, making this one of my favorite of the bunch.

For the Peanut Butter Lovers:


Warning: Kim Ima's peanut butter cookies are not for the faint-hearted PB lovers. They're for the tried-and-true, stick-that-delicious-elixir-to-the-roof-of-my-mouth-for-all-time PB lovers. I sampled the plain peanut butter cookie and the peanut butter and jelly cookie, both of which left me reeling. Two crumbly, buttery cookies surrounded a sweetened peanut butter interior for an all-around peanut-buttery experience. I wasn't a huge fan of the jelly--with a slightly strange texture, and far too sweet for my liking--but the straight PB option was delicious.

Treats Truck

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