Meet farmer Ingimundur Kjarval and his daughter Ulla (@nyculla) of Spring Lake Farm in the western Catskills. In this Food Curated video from Liza de Guia, they walk us through their pastures, introduce us to their happy cows and pigs (one of which is the biggest pig you've ever seen), and talk about their grass-fed operation, which has been expanding with recent demands for grass-fed beef and pork. How does it taste different from other stuff you'd find at big grocery stores? "You can taste the grasses, it has a lot of flavor...a lot of integrity," says Ulla. She and her dad want Spring Lake Farm to be an inspiration for what the future of sustainable agriculture can look like in New York state, where millions of acres of land go unused. Watch the video, after the jump.

Spring Lake Farm in Upstate New York


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