Gone are the days of thinking "Gosh, if only I could caffeinate myself and eat frozen yogurt at the same time." Joyride, a fro-yo-slash-Stumptown-coffee truck that launched this summer, sells something called Buzzed, which is just their normal tart, tangy, Greek-style frozen yogurt spiked with caffeine powder.


For people who spend a lot of time drinking caffeine and eating yogurt, this is kind of a big deal. Multitasking! A few bites into the cup, you pick up on a sour aftertaste coating your tongue. They add organic lemon juice to the Buzzed flavor, which, multiplied by the yogurt's already tartness, can be a little too much pucker action for the mouth, but sort of grows on you. In a Lemonheads kind of way.

And it wasn't long before the buzzzzz kicked in—it has the caffeine equivalent of three-fourths a cup of coffee. No crashes or headachey side effects to report, either.

A small is $4.50 (the normal yogurt is $4). Caffeinated or not, it comes with unlimited toppings. Mango, raspberries, kiwi, strawberries, granola, coconut, and a smattering of sugary kids cereals. Joy!

Check @joyridetruck for the Joyride truck's whereabouts.

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