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Zhu's Snacks is run by Mr. Zhu, a congenial man from Wenzhou who happens to serves some seriously satisfying food.

When he saw me snapping food photos, he chuckled, then pulled out a camera of his own and decided to join in on the fun.


One special is his bone soup, which sounds innocuous enough; it's not. You get three fat bones, with some bland pork still clinging to their fat, rounded ends. Then you're handed a plastic glove, a straw, a napkin, and an extra plate—all essential. Finally comes the dish's simple brilliance: alternate between sips of the flavorful, if somewhat oily, pork bone broth and sucking out the marrow while grasping bone with your glove-clad hand. (Tip: use your spoon handle to dig out stubborn bits.) It's a thrilling way to eat, and it only costs $4.


The other dish I tried was also a hit: a classic Wenzhou dish of stir fried sweet potato noodles. They're fatty and sticky and rendolent of wine-scented pork and mushroom. The other specialties he mentions are potstickers, flatbread (bing), and noodles. But if you're a marrow fiend, as I am, this is a must eat.


Menu Vocab

The shop ambiguously translates "粉干"as "mei fun soup" even though the Chinese name means no soup. I've included their translation as is, but can't promise you soupy noodles if you order it. A few menu items are handwritten only in Chinese, so those items are accompanied by Chinese characters.

Address and directions

Open everyday 9am-8:30pm
Stall 16 (in the basement, with a neon sign and next door to Mom's Hot and Numbing Heat's orange dining room.)
41-28 Main Street
Flushing, NY

English Menu

An English menu is available, so I've typed up their translation for reference. Some of these are in Chinese only, which are labeled below.

Translated Handwritten Specials

炒地瓜面 Stir fried sweet potato noodles ($5)
拌面 Lo mein ($3.50)
敲鱼汤 Qiao fish soup ($10)

Dishes (all items $1-10, generally $4-6 for soup and noodles)

Qiao fish noodle soup
Oxtail noodle
Seafood noodle soup
Egg noodle soup
Mussel noodle soup
Spare ribs noodle soup
Beef noodle soup
Fish ball noodle soup
Chopped meat noodle soup
Seafood mei fun soup
Fish ball mei fun soup
Beef mei fun soup
Qiao fish mei fun soup
Spare ribs mei fun soup
Xian chai mei fun soup
Pork bone mei fun soup
Vegetable wheat noodle
Taro wheat noodle
Chopped meat wheat noodle
Pork bone wheat noodle
Vegetable jiang fun noodle
Taro jiang fun noodle
Chopped meat jiang fun noodle
Pork bone tofu soup
Pork bone taro soup
Pork bone soup
Fish ball soup
Seaweed soup
Wonton soup
Chinese chive fried dumpling (12pcs)
Five seasoning sticky rice
Sticky rice (sweet or salty)
Frozen meat dumpling
Meat vegetable wheat pancake
Various types of dumplings
Beef small steamed bun
Lamb small steamed bun
Pork small steamed bun
Seafood steamed bun

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