[Photo: Nikki Goldstein]

This dish speaks for itself: a mountain of custard-soaked Sullivan Street brioche sandwiched around the creamiest peanut butter and farm-fresh strawberry jam ($12). Dressed tableside with an earl grey tea-steeped sweet "milk," an unexpected syrup alternative, and ripe berries, it's possibly the most elegant French toast I've been served (they give it the fancier name, pain perdu, for a reason!). The portion might be overwhelming but the flavors are not—what you'd expect to venture into the too sweet (PB) or too funky (tea syrup) ends up as neither, balancing out the lovely crisped, pillowy bread soaking it all up. Highly recommended—and this from someone who doesn't even like PB&J's.


328 West 12th Street, New York NY 10014 (map)


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