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There are two places in the city where I enjoy "everyday" iced chocolate. This is iced chocolate that isn't obscenely rich, thick, or velvety—it's closer to a chilly glass of milk chocolate, one you can easily sip on a daily basis, perhaps even as a replacement for a morning cup of iced coffee.

At all locations of Joe the Art of Coffee, iced chocolate isn't on the menu, but if you ask, they'll gladly whip it up for you. I've been charged various prices, as it is not a set menu item, but the drink typically comes out to $3 a cup. House-made dark chocolate syrup stirred with whole milk (skim or soy if you prefer, but whole is always best!), and poured over ice. The Iced Chocolate runs $4 at Jack's Stir Brew (above photo), but easily worth the extra dollar, for a consistent product that's more chocolatey without being decadent. The idea of requesting to have the drink topped with whipped cream does cross my mind on each visit, but that surely defeats the notion of a "everyday" iced chocolate, right?

Jack's Stir Brew

Various Locations in NYC; see website for locations

Joe the Art of Coffee

Various Locations in NYC; see website for locations


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