Poll: How Would You Deal With Restaurant Error?


Corn soup—without plastic shards. [Photo: Robyn Lee]

In a widely read piece on his personal blog, writer Mark Bittman recounts the following unpleasant experience:

At a midtown restaurant last week, I ordered corn soup. It was pretty good, except for the pieces of plastic in it. These had the texture of drinking straws, or perhaps shattered plastic fork, or even squid quills—thin, not too sharp, not especially dangerous... There were two of them. In about four, maybe five ounces of soup...

Bittman showed them to a server, who ran away without an apology; toward the end of the meal, the manager appeared to apologize, but didn't even go so far as to take the soup off the bill.

Clearly, the restaurant screwed up more than a few times. But the question Bittman raises is an interesting one: What, exactly, should be done in these situations? »

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