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Sharing the same open space as Wang-Zheng's Halal Snacks is Old Wang Ji, which serves up Fuzhou snacks, focusing on the area's signature fish balls. They're probably not anything like your preconceived notion of a fish ball: they're more like round dumplings with that incorporate fish into the wrapper and intensely flavored pork into the filling, a savory "tang yuan" if you will. The broth packs a surprising punch. Skip the rice noodles and focus on these regional specialties.


Address and directions

Stall C5 (on the right, sharing a space with Wang-Zhen's Halal Snacks. It's the one closer to the street than Wang Zhen's, with more table space.)
41-28 Main Street
Flushing, NY

Menu vocab

This was a particularly difficult menu to translate. Some terms, like "cao cai" didn't turn up any direct translations, nor could I figure out if "swallow" referred to the bird's meat, or some colloquial name. Feel free to throw in your translation if you know.

The menu is Chinese only, so translations are my best approximations. .

Translated Menu

Print out this menu and bring it to order so you can point to what you want. If you don't have Chinese characters installed on your computer, download our translated Old Wang Ji menu.

Meatballs ($2-3)

三丸麵 Three meatballs soup
魚丸麵 Fish meatball noodle soup
魚丸化 Fish meatball "hua" with rice noodles
鱼丸 Fish balls
燕丸子 "Swallow" meatballs

Noodles ($2-3.50)

牛雜粉干 Beef offal stir fried rice noodle
槽菜粉干 "Cao" vegetable stir fried noodles
牛肉片米粉 Rice noodle with beef slices
拌面 Noodles with soy sauce and sesame butter

Other ($2-3)

扁肉 "Flat" pork wontons (小云吞)
牛雜 Beef offal
牛雜麵 Beef offal soup
魚滑 "Slippery" fish

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