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While they have a reasonably well-developed menu at Jack Yan's (also known as Shandong Dumpling) in the Golden Shopping Mall, all the star power comes from their boiled to order Shandong-style dumplings. They're small and fat, with substantial, slightly chewy skins that belie tasty fillings. For extra authenticity points, dip them into black vinegar doctored to your tastes rather than just soy sauce.


Address and directions

Open everyday 9am-9pm
Stall 3C (the first restaurant on your right, after 2-3 retail shops. A sign overhead will read "SHANDONG DUMPLING.")
41-28 Main Street
Flushing, NY

English Menu

An English menu is available, so I've typed up their translation for reference.

Special Dumplings (8/$3, 12/$3.50, 15/$4)

Eight flavor
Leek, egg, beancurd, vermicelli
Leek and pork
Cabbage and pork
Green melon and pork
Celery and pork
Green bean and pork
50 frozen of any of the above: 50/$9.99

More Special Dumplings (8/$3.50, 12/$4, 15/$4.50)

Cabbage, leek, and shrimp
Leek and fish
Celery and beef
Tomato and pork
Fennel and Pork
Shepherd's purse and pork
Chicken and cabbage
Pork, shrimp, leek, and cabbage
50 frozen of any of the above: 50/$11.99
Any dumplings with soup: 10/$4

Special Noodles ($4-5)

Noodles soup / rice noodle
Yan's beef with noodle soup
Yan's beef with flat noodle soup
Spring onion-rib with noodle soup
Mushroom chicken with noodle soup
Vegetables with noodle soup
Vegetables with noodle soup

Noodles ($4)

Gravy noodles
Soybean paste noodles
Tomato-eggs noodles
Sesame paste noodles

Traditional Flavors (.50-.75 per bread, price per wonton/dumpling vary)

Shallot and oil roll
Wheat steamed bread
Sesame pancake
Leek, egg, beancurd, and vermicelli pie
Cabbage and pork bun
Fried dumpling
Red hot sauce wonton

Red hot sauce dumpling
Shrimp, meat, and vegetable wonton
Shepherd's purse wonton

Traditional dishes ($3.50-6)

Preserved egg with tofu
Shredded kelp with garlic sauce
Peanut and cabbage
Smoked pig's intestines
Pigskin jelly

Congee ($1-1.50)

Fresh soybean milk
Red bean congee
Hot and sauce soup
Vegetable soup with tofu

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