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[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

While at the Tribeca location of Billy's Bakery yesterday, I first saw the usual—chocolate icebox cake, cupcakes, banana cream pie... and then, something less expected. Hidden in the bottom right of the glass case, behind colorful bottles of Fizzy Lizzy, were clear plastic cups, stored upside-down and filled with—could it be, banana pudding? For years now, I've wondered why Billy Bakery, unlike comparable bakeries (Sugar Sweet Sunshine, Magnolia), would turn out banana cream pies and never banana pudding (as I even noted in a past Sugar Rush).

"Is that banana pudding I see?" I asked the girl behind the counter.

"Yup, we have it in strawberry, too!"

Three years I've waited for pudding at this bakery! I couldn't decide between banana and strawberry, but finally settled on the strawberry.

At $4.25 a cup, it's slightly cheaper than the other bakeries, and a significantly larger serving, too. I was told that, while pudding wasn't part of their normal rotation, the bakers turn them out from time to time.

The pudding, I am sad to report, was ultimately a letdown. First off, the batch was sold too "fresh," meaning that the pudding, Nilla wafers, and strawberries didn't sit long enough to meld together. Nilla wafers were still firm, crisp to the bite, unlike the soft, cakey creature it should be. Then the pudding itself—gluey in texture, too yellow in color, and a far cry from what I expected, given how much I enjoy most sweets from Billy's Bakery. Will be sticking to their other goods in the future.

Billy's Bakery

75 Franklin Street, New York NY 10013 (map)

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