Poll: How Do You Feel About Cash-Only Restaurants?


Prime Meats: not cash-only anymore. [Photo: Robyn Lee]

Two weeks ago in his review of Brooklyn restaurant Prime Meats, New York Times critic Sam Sifton gave the spot two stars, heaping praise upon the food but expressing open disapproval of the restaurant's cash-only policy.

"This seems slightly ridiculous in 2010. Cash only? At a restaurant where a dinner for four might run a considerate host more than $400? ... Forget to line your pockets in the manner of a Biggie Smalls impersonator and you're going to need to leave your guests before the end of it all, and walk to a bodega A.T.M. to rustle up enough cash to pay your bill. This is a grim feeling for a grown person to experience...

Just a week later, Prime Meats announced that it would begin to accept American Express cards. Victory for the cash-averse.

The matter certainly riled the passions of Sifton, and, presumably, a number of other diners. What do you think? Do cash-only restaurants get you down? Or is it a nonissue?

How Do You Feel About Cash-Only Restaurants?

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