When it comes to street food, current New York City laws are pretty convoluted and make it incredibly tough for vendors to find a truly legal spot to park on the street—but they still find ways. Thankfully, we still get our speculoos-topped waffles and schnitzel 'wiches. But as Midtown Lunch points out, that might change tomorrow afternoon.

City council members Jessica Lappin (from the Upper East Side) and Karen Koslowitz (from Queens) are introducing a new local law that will allow the Department of Health to suspend any vending permit issued to a truck with two parking tickets in a 12-month period and revoke the permit completely if the vendor has three in a 12-month period.

Street food lovers: this isn't good. While following parking laws is important—and we're not saying trucks should have any special privileges—the penalty is pretty harsh and could put many trucks out of business.

Midtown Lunch spoke with Lappin about the law and shares info on getting in touch with her to make your voice heard. You can reach Lappin via email (lappin@council.nyc.gov) or Twitter (@JessLapin) and join the "Jessica Lappin, why are you singling out food trucks?" Facebook group. What do you think of the law?


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