Husband-and-wife team Justine Pringle and Andy Laird are self-taught chocolatiers. It all started with a "hey, what if we tried making chocolate?" impulse, and now they run Brooklyn-based NuNu Chocolates. In this latest episode of Food Curated from documentarian Liza de Guia, we meet the two, who describe their chocolate as comfort chocolate: it's accessible and not too complicated. You shouldn't have to think too hard about it.

They use chocolate that's between 53% and 65% cocoa—not an extremely dark chocolate because they like mixing it with other flavors (like fleur de seul in the salt caramels, and tea in the Earl Grey ganache). "If it's too dark, the chocolate should be eaten on its own," says Pringle.

You can find NuNu chocolates at their Brooklyn shop and some specialty stores (mostly in New York), or order them online. Watch the video, after the jump.

Brooklyn's NuNu Chocolates on Food Curated


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