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I had a good feeling about brunch at Northern Spy. With their newly expanded dining room, they're more prepared to meet their demand—-but it doesn't mean the experience can come without a wait. So what's the fuss about? With a solid selection and beautiful, airy quarters, it's a downright pleasant place to spend your morning.

That's especially true if you order the chicken and egg sandwich ($12), the menu's dark horse. It's filled with crispy, juicy thigh meat that's so much more flavorful than its white counterparts. The added richness of a bursting yolk is lightened by a punchy, herby chimichurri that really adds something to the dish. It's all stuffed into bread that's light enough to sop up its green sauce, but still crusty on the outside. It's that finishing touch that makes this breakfast sandwich a comforting, oozy winner.


[Photos: Nikki Goldstein]

I'd also been looking forward to their polenta and eggs ($14), made with locally-sourced Anson Mills polenta, but the texture was far grittier than what I'd been expecting.


There was a nice surprise, however, in the rhubarb soda ($3), a light and seasonal fizzy drink that suited the scorching weather outside.

Save Northern Spy for a sunny day—with light, summery dishes on their menu, and ample sunlight pouring in through the south-facing windows, the ambiance does just as much for your morning as the reliable cooking.

Northern Spy Food Company

511 East 12th Street, New York, NY 10009 (map)


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