[Photograph: Kathy YL Chan]

The Nutella Pizza sounds good in name. "Oh, it is!" the waitress proclaimed. "Our signature pizza dough and Nutella, melting all over." I ordered, not for a second thinking it would cost an absurd $16—the same price as the pasta entrees, far more than the appetizers, and double the price of every other dessert. The pizza came exactly as she said it would. The dough is baked for a shorter period than the pizzas, and thus delivered hot, but soft, with an unfortunate pale white upskirt. A Nutella-smothered surface, doused in powdered sugar—more for color than anything else. Lackluster, boring. Essentially, Nutella on hot bread. Certainly not worth the price tag. For $16, the least they could do is top this baby off with vanilla ice cream.

Luzzo's Restaurant‎

211 1st Avenue, New York NY (10003 map)

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