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Just a few weeks ago, Salvatore and Francesco at L'arte del Gelato added not only a new gelato flavor to their already incredible lineup, but also three affogato creations. They're $5.95 each (the same price as a large serving of gelato). But more importantly, they are delicious.

We'll start with the Affogato alla Cioccolata Calda. A generous scoop of L'arte's buttery mascarpone gelato with a pour of hot chocolate over the top, and billows of fresh whipped cream, sweetened ever so slightly. Chocolate shavings to finish, a cigar wafer. The hot chocolate alone is dark and intense, but not the thick sort that has been slowly taking over our city the last few years; this is definitely drinkable. Sink that spoon right in for a bite of thick cream and mascarpone gelato quickly melting into the deep chocolate.


But on a sweltering day (and I'm sure those days are just around the corner) pass on the gelato-based affogati in favor of the Affogato all'Arancia. It starts with a scoop of lemon sorbet, then the glass is filled high with fresh squeezed orange juice. A splash of Campari—or perhaps a bit more than a splash, if you ask nicely—ties this number together. It's the most refreshing of the trio and perhaps my favorite.


And of course, the classic. Affogato al Caffè. Vanilla gelato, a shot of espresso and fresh whipped cream. The chocolate disks scattered about are completely unnecessary—I'd rather have more shaved chocolate. But as for that Ferrero Rocher off to the right? Yes please.

L'arte del Gelato

75 7th Avenue South, New York NY 10014 (map)


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