This Weekend in 'New York Times' Food News


Olive Oil Flatbread: Sardinian flatbread known as carta musica (sheet music) is ethereally thin and easy to make.

Meatloaf, with Spirit: Why shouldn't meatloaf be as "pungent and zesty as a meatball?"

Prakash, in Mumbai: Sago pearls with cumin, green chilies, potatoes and crushed peanuts are fried and served with peanut-yogurt chutney.

Garlic Soup: A hot bowl cures colds and comforts.

Culinary Trek in Vietnam: Congealed pigs' blood, crispy rice patties, and other street treats in Ho Chi Minh City.

Good Kosher Wine: Making Covenant cabernet sauvignon, California's finest kosher wine, was a spiritual journey for its creators.

Saying Sorry to Salmon: A Native American tribe embarks on a an 11,000-mile vision quest to New Zealand to bring Chinook salmon eggs home to California.

Oysters and Men: $1 oysters and girl talk at Mermaid Inn.

Sunday Morning Bliss: Clarify your butter for hash brown perfection.

Vegan Actress: Alicia Silverstone, of "Clueless" fame, has a book about changing the way you eat, look, and live.

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