[Photo: Kathy Chan]

A word to the wise: Be wary of the Affogato ($5) at Saltie in Williamsburg. They make one mistake with this dessert, and it is fatal one—lukewarm coffee in place of hot espresso. I watched as the affogato was assembled behind the open counter. The first few steps looked promising, your choice of house-made ice cream, salted caramel, or a second, constantly changing flavor. A deeply flavored maple ice cream on my visit. In the cup went one big scoop.

And then—instead of an espresso shot, one press of pre-brewed coffee. A side of focaccia (the same salt-speckled focaccia used for their sandwiches), and the girl slid it over the counter. I dug in, expecting the coffee to be hot at the very least. Not quite: watery, lukewarm, and of course, cold in the next minute. Buzzkill indeed. What a waste!


378 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11211 (map)

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