[Photo: Kathy Chan]

Sometimes the glutton in me wants nothing more than to devour an entire pie by myself. This is where the Little Pie Company, best known for their sour cream apple walnut pies, steps in. Most of their pies come in 5-inch versions for $7.50. They're made to feed two... well, or one particularly ambitious individual.

Less known is their Coconut Cream Pie, which I am deeply fond of. Coconut-flecked custard, creamy and full-bodied, is layered with fresh banana slices, tucked neatly into flaky shells and topped over with glorious billows of whipped cream. Toasted shredded coconut to finish. It's like banana pudding meets pie with coconut. The best of all worlds! Share if you must, but there's something so pleasant about being able to call an entire pie your own.

Little Pie Company

295 Greenwich Street, New York NY 10007 (map)

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