[Photo: Kathy Chan]

At the recently opened Golden Steamer on Mott Street there are many, many baos. Most for only $.70 apiece. Start with a savory—perhaps the sausage or pork and vegetable bun. But make sure to finish with a sweet one. I'd recommend the Pumpkin Bun.

A look inside, after the jump.


The bun is stuffed with a buttery pumpkin puree, slightly sweet and unashamedly creamy. As for the bread itself? Better than most Chinese bakeries in the area, not too dense or tough, and noticeably fluffy. Stuffing-to-bun ratio is on the low side, but at only $.70 each, I wouldn't dare complain.

Golden Steamer

143 Mott Street, New York NY 10013 (map)


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