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Three things you should keep in mind: Apple Cinnamon Roll. Toffee Date Cake. Torrone. This trio of sweets is the latest to join Karen DeMasco's lineup of baked goods at Locanda Verde. The roll comes out in the morning during breakfast hours; the cake and torrone show up as the restaurant shifts into lunch service. Plan accordingly.

The Apple Cinnamon Roll ($3.75) is a welcome sight in the morning. A mini-roll, really, and pricey, but utterly charming. A light golden brown with caramelized apple chunks gently tucked into the cinnamon speckled swirls and spooned on top. I swear this roll glistens and glows. Icing drizzles finish it off, giving it a little color. Lay it on your plate and slowly unravel the roll, eating it piece by piece. Morning bliss!

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In the afternoon, after the lunch crowds have disappeared, return for the Toffee Date Cake ($4.50) over a cup of coffee. The top quarter of the cake is sticky moist and syrup-soaked, the entire creation tender with deep crumbs. Like a slightly less indulgent version of sticky toffee pudding—less rich, less sweet and that much more wonderful.

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While you're there, the wax-paper wrapped $2 Torrone may prove very tempting. (So easy! Just another little bite!) A three-inch rectangle of nougat, light on the honey, with a wealth of pistachios and almonds tangled into the chewy confection. When the work day comes to a close, and you're tired and hungry, reach into that paper bag—now, aren't you glad you picked up that extra bite?

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Locanda Verde

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