[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

Spotted in Williamsburg over the weekend: No Plates.

What the heck do they serve things on, then? Some searching finds this on Gothamist, in case you've seen it and are wondering, too:

Open this week [late January] in the small Bedford Ave space formerly occupied by overpriced Khim's Millennium Market, this restaurant is called No Plates. We called to ask about that name, and chef Hooni Kim (Daniel, Masa) told us, "I tried to get everyone to change that name. Someone up in the ownership just likes that name. They originally wanted to use wooden boards to serve everything. And I told them, unless you get me boards that conduct heat, and keep hot food hot and cool food cool, no way. None of us like that name."

No Plates

280 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11211


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