The winner, whose name we approve of: the Serious Business taco. [Photos: Katie Quinn]

Theo Peck and Nick Suarez, cook-off organizers extraordinaire, knew New Yorkers liked tacos, but it was not until their sold-out Brooklyn Taco Experiment, this Sunday, that they realized the extent of taco infatuation in this city. Three hundred people packed into The Bell House to taste the variety of tacos fillings from a selected group of chefs, mostly amateurs.

The line to gain entry stretched down the street, only escalating the taco lust of the crowd. Once inside The Bell House, tacomania ensued. Thirty chefs lined up side-by-side, literally bumping elbows as they served their eager audience.


What my stomach was in for.

20100201seriousbusiness.jpgDJ Kilahertz spun energetic tunes as the lively crowd ate and discussed the merits of each filling. There were so many people—and so many hands grabbing for more tacos—that caution was necessary to avoid flying goat confit and splattered shredded beef rib.

A panel of judges awarded prizes, but the most anticipated award was the audience's popular vote: the grand prize of two roundtrip tickets to Mexico.

The winner was the Serious Business Taco—represented by two men in outlandishly hilarious taco outfits. (They brought the goofy to this competition.) What was in it? Carnitas, pickled onions, Cotija cheese, cilantro mayonnaise, pico de gallo, salsa, and guacamole in a hard-soft taco combo.

This wasn't Theo and Nick's first "food experiment," but it was a taco feast for the ages. Keep your antennae up for their next event—these guys know how to throw a culinary party.

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