The Great New York Wings Roundup

Slideshow SLIDESHOW: The Great New York Wings Roundup

[Photos: Robyn Lee]

Looking forward to the big game this weekend, we ordered wings from bars and barbecue joints all over the city, in search of the best bites for your Super Bowl party. With so many to choose from, we narrowed our search to barbecue and Buffalo-style—or, as we thought of it, "wings that could be dipped in a tangy white sauce." Our favorites, and not-quite-as-favorites, in the slideshow above.


The Wing Bar: 275 Smith Street, Brooklyn (map), 718-237-2728.
10 for $7.50, 20 for $13.50.

Rack and Soul: 258 West 109th Street (map), 212-222-4800,‎.
5 wings and two sides for $9.95; larger orders available.

RUB BBQ: 208 West 23rd Street (map), 212-524-4300,
10 for $8.50.‎

Hill Country: 30 West 26th Street (map), 212-255-4544,
20 for $10.

Dinosaur Barbecue: 646 West 131st Street (map), 212-694-1777, 6 for $6.95, 13 for $12.95.

Blue Smoke: 116 East 27th Street (map), 212-447-7733,
6 for $9.95.

Also Tried:

Teddy's Bar & Grill: 96 Berry St, Brooklyn (map), 718-384-9787.
6 for $8.95, 18 for $18.95.

Atomic Wings: multiple locations (map),
10 for $7.99, 20 for $16.49.

Bonnie's Grill: 278 5th Avenue, Brooklyn (map), 718-369-9527.
10 for $7.95, 20 for $12.95.


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