'Bake' Sales, Without Baked Goods (But Packaged Are Fine!)


Home-baked cookies for sale? Not at New York public schools. [Photo: Robyn Lee]

Last night, New York's Panel for Educational Policy voted to amend existing regulations on school bake sales "bake" sales, the Times City Room blog reports. The verdict? Students can sell fruits, vegetables, or pre-approved, pre-packaged items to fundraise—but can't sell any sort of home-baked or freshly prepared food.

The rationale seems to be that factory-produced goods, with exact calorie counts and nutritional info, give the education board some measure of control over what students are eating. Cool Ranch Reduced Fat Doritos and Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts both make the cut. Says Kathleen Grimm, as quoted in the Times:

No homemade or unpackaged items are on the list of 'approved' foods because "it's impossible to know what the content is, or what the portion size is... We think that we have struck a pretty good balance here, a healthy balance.

One in favor of processed food and corporate interests, one that keeps students from effective fundraising (how much can they make on packaged-food markups?), and one that further contributes to getting kids out of the kitchen, out of touch with their food, and right back to the vending machine. Great job, guys.

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