Muffin from Buon Pane—not Craftsteak's, but not a bad visual. [Photo: Robyn Lee]

Over on the blog Restaurant Girl, Danyelle Freeman talks about one of fine dining's greater pleasures: the pastry chef parting gift.

The apple cinnamon muffin I devoured after a four-course meal at Marea... was a parting gift from the restaurant, baked by the pastry chef, Heather Bertinetti. And it was one of the best muffins I've had—wonderfully moist, packed with golden raisins and soft, sweet chunks of apple. Thank god [sic] I didn't know about her incredible baking skills on my first visit or I would've eaten the banana muffin they gave me that night on the way home.

Personally, I adore the long, elegant box of jelly candies I was sent off with at Eleven Madison Park—and still remember a cinnamon muffin that I took home from Craftsteak several summers ago. What about you? Any take-home gifts you fondly recall?


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