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Last week we brought you a sneak preview of the holiday goodies at Bouchon Bakery with a look at the gingerbread men (and women); this week, we're back with more. Panettone, sugar plum danishes, and eggnog macarons are just the beginning.

We'll start with the Sugar Plum Danish ($4.75, pictured at top), my favorite of all Bouchon's holiday goods. Tart plum jam makes it way into the folds of the danish, with a just a dab at the very center. Topped with with sliced pears and a single prune. You've got it all, in every bite: the buttery, flaky pastry, fresh fruit, and a touch of jam.


Though many profess a hatred for fruitcake, I'd hope they'd try to be open-minded when approaching Bouchon's ($3.50). Their version is a dense, buttery, poundcake-esque loaf studded with orange peels and a rainbow of raisins, cranberries and currants.

Ho Hos, cookies, and much more, after the jump.


This one is too fun not to share. Last year the cream to cake ratio in this Ho-Ho was drastically off, with far too much cream. But the bakery crew seems to have noticed, and this year, Bouchon's Ho-Hos ($5.25) are spot-on. A shell of tempered chocolate cracked right into the layers of chocolate cake, and folds of whipped cream.


I find most macarons in New York to be a letdown, and Bouchon's are no exception. The holiday flavors are fun and worth mentioning, though I'd gladly pass these up for another of their products. Macarons are $2.75 each, and come in peppermint and eggnog. The peppermint tasted like toothpaste, to put it nicely—coming from someone who is a huge peppermint fan. I enjoyed the eggnog more, intense in flavor, though severely sweet.


It's easy to love a pastry when the dough is speckled with vanilla beans, as it was in the case of the Panettone ($3.50). The top? Gently browned and dotted in pearl sugar. Extra plump raisins and cirtron finish off the light and yeasty cake.


Bouchon has two types of holiday cookies currently on the menu: the ginger cookie (which we posted on last week) and this Snowflake Spice Cookie ($4). Go with the Snowflake—slightly softer, with all the hints of holiday flavor.


The Peppermint Pattie ($3) is a good one to stuff in your winter coat for a midday pick-me-up. Tempered dark chocolate snaps to reveals a smooth, sweet, and super-minty creation.


I loved the Gingerbread Cupcake ($4.50), stuffed with cream, iced over and finished with slices of candied ginger. Hearty, dense, and not too spicy. However, between this and the gingerbread muffin from Two Little Red Hens, I'd opt for the latter—slightly lighter in texture and uninterrupted by cream, which I found to be unnecessary in an already decked-out cupcake.

Bouchon Bakery

10 Columbus Circle, New York NY 10019 (map)


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