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Between spiked eggnog, panettone, hot chocolate, and all those other Christmas goodies you crave, it's easy to forget about the gingerbread man! Crisp, soft, and beautifully iced, gingerbread men come in endless variations. After the jump, six spots to get your gingerbread cookie fix before they're soon gone with the holiday.

20091221 Ceci Cela Gingerbread Cookie.jpg

If you're only going to get one cookie, make it the gingerbread man ($3, pictured at top) from Ceci-Cela in Soho. Large, but flat and very crisp, I loved this one particularly because it was simply dusted in sugar, as opposed to being heavily iced over like the others. There is not a soft spot to be found, just light, thin, and rich in cinnamon through and through.


55 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012 (map)

20091221 Bouchon Bakery Gingerbread Cookie.jpg

Ringing in at $4 apiece, Bouchon Bakery's gingerbread men and women are the priciest of the bunch, but so irresistibly cute. The gingerbread women comes outfitted in pink bows and polka dotted pastel dress, while the men don little green pants. These cookies are on the thicker side, heartier than others, though I wish they were a little more tender.

Bouchon Bakery

10 Columbus Circle, New York NY 10019 (map)

20091221 Bouley Bakery Gingerbread Cookie.jpg

Bouley Bakery had their gingerbread cookies ($2.18) in every single shape but the traditional gingerbread man. I came across an angel on one day and a candy cane on another. Almost too thin, a bit brittle but with nice caramelization. Icing the cookie in red, white, and blue as opposed to the traditional red and green of Christmas is a touch confusing, but what can you do?

Bouley Bakery

130 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013 (map)

20091221 Jacques Torres Gingerbread Cookie.jpg

The cookie was great but the icing was overdone at Jacques Torres ($3). Iced from head to toe in an unflattering shade of red and then finished in an outline of white, I had to pick off the frosting before I could enjoy the cookie—n the softer side with notes of nutmeg.

Jacques Torres

420 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014 (map)

20091221 Out of the Kitchen Gingerbread Cookie.jpg

Out of the Kitchen turns out a particularly homey cookie for $1.25. Crunchy at the edges and soft as you reach the middle. Their cookies can be a bit inconsistent in quality, but when they're good, they're hard to beat. Don't forget to chase your cookie up with a cup of the house banana pudding while you're there.

Out of the Kitchen

420 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014 (map)

20091221Duane Park Patisserie Gingerbread Cookie.jpg

Tiny, tiny and so very cute! These little charmers ($1) from Duane Park Patisserie are adorably iced, and just the right size. I bought a dozen to share with friends; they were gone within minutes, with smiles all around. Best bet if you're buying for gifts or to share.

Duane Park Patisserie

179 Duane Street, New York, NY 10013 (map)

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