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I'll be honest: my expectations were never too high for Tipsy Parson's brunch. Given the lukewarm reviews (and their unpredictable schedule in the first few weeks), I went mostly just to investigate sweet potato beignets—an idea that could lure me out of bed on the snowiest day of the year. As it turned out, they've been moved to the dinner menu, but I found plenty of other reasons to stay—and to keep coming back, no less.

The mushroom toast ($14) is at the top of that list—the brunch staple I thought the sweet potato beignets would have been. Far less dainty than it sounds, the toast is one big, thick piece of homemade potato bread, toasted and charred with just the right amount of heft and crackle to withstand a generous schmear of lemon-herb ricotta, scrambled eggs, and a heaping of thickly cut exotic mushrooms. It's a fantastic combination of earthy and creamy flavors—and ridiculously filling, too.


Monkey bread
hadn't made it onto Tipsy's original brunch menu, but it's there now, and it's also very much worth trying. For just $3, it's a great appetizer to share with a friend—each ball of cinnamon-flecked dough pulls apart to reveal a moist interior that we simply couldn't resist. Was it transcendent? Maybe not, but it's pretty darn respectable, and definitely a worthy change of pace as far as brunch goes.

Tipsy Parson

156 Ninth Avenue, New York NY 10011 (map)


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