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Chocolate Bar has a real ability to capture their clientele with beautiful treats and smart marketing. Between their "Eat More Chocolate" t-shirts and chocolate-packed designer handbags, much of their merchandise is extremely gift-able. But Kathy and I had to stop by and give our own stamp of approval for what counts most: taste.


What we found was a little hit and miss. We loved the concept and spirit of the S'mores-inspired hats, but really wished that there were more chocolate enveloping the graham cracker and marshmallow filling. Not only was the bottom of the cracker lacking in chocolate all together, but the layer on top was paper-thin, if that.

But the goodies got better.


More successful were the individual bon bons, with fun fillings including PB&J and passion fruit, our two favorites. The first was pure comfort; the latter had a great balance of tart and sweet.


Buttercrunch bites are a great deal—at just fifty cents apiece, two will kick your sweets craving with just the change in your wallet. It's got the necessary crunch, nuttiness, and sweetness to do the trick.


Our least favorite was the strawberry shortcake cluster, which is just what it sounds like: a piece of shortcake wrapped in chocolate and topped with a piece of chocolate-covered strawberry. Unfortunately, though, the cake was dry and stale on the inside, and the strawberry was hardly present.

Chocolate Bar's hits are as strong as its misses, but choose wisely and you can have some seriously tasty goodies in a really nice package. We'll give our stamp of approval for that.

Chocolate Bar

19 Eighth Avenue, New York NY 10014 (map)


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