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[Photos: Carey Jones]

We're forever grateful to professor and artist George Hart for bringing the chain-link bagel into our lives. What could possibly, possibly be cooler than a Möbius Bagel?

Answer: The Möbius Doughnut.

Why should the bagel get all the geometric jollies? A doughnut can contort itself in any way a bagel can. And with a bigger hole to revolve around, it's even easier to pull apart the halves! So without further ado: the architecture of a slightly sweeter Möbius.



We stopped by the Donut Pub to pick up a few honey glazed doughnuts—figuring the lighter and fluffier, the better.

The delicate fried shell came apart much more easily than the bagel's, making it difficult to achieve the proper convoluted Möbius knife swirl without the doughnut falling apart.


After! (Rotation one.)

But once we did, the halves slid through each other easily—making its architecture that much clearer.

Yes, we know: one doesn't usually need to cut a doughnut in half. (And attempting glazed Möbius dissection leads to very sticky fingers.) But we dare you to come up with a better office kitchen trick.


Rotation two!

Not recommended for cake doughnuts. (Or jelly doughnuts, for that matter.)


Rotation three!

Only possible improvement: the bacon Möbius doughnut?

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