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At Grandaisy Bakery, we've tasted the glorious pizza bianca, and house sandwiches incorporating bresaola, fresh mozzarella di bufula and speck. But in the sweet department of the bakery, where do you venture? After the jump, our five favorite Grandaisy sweets.


The Banana Bread ($3) is large, thick-cut, and chunky, with walnuts accounting for nearly half the loaf. It is always the first breakfast sweet to go in the morning, but thank goodness, typically replenished in the mid-afternoon. Dense and packed with plenty of mashed bananas, teetering on just the right side of not-too sweet.


The Bread Pudding ($4), eaten straight off, is underwhelming; sometimes it's served cold, and other times at room temperature. But if you take the pudding home, warm it up in the oven, and let the crunchy caramelized top melt away into every custard-soaked pore, it becomes something quite wonderful. The bread pudding is not made of any one particular type of bread, but rather the leftovers of any given day. If lucky, perhaps you'll come across a smidgen of melted dark chocolate in your slice, oozing out of a croissant bit.

Delicate, fine, and bright with citrus notes and bit of rind, the Almond-Lemon Cake ($4, pictured at top) is closely related to the pound cake, dense and far more buttery than it appears. On the sweeter side, and cut pretty large, this is one you'd want to share.


Similar to the bread pudding, the plum tart ($4.50) is best when you take home and heat up in the oven a bit. The pastry is delicate, flaky and butter-rich, and the plums are sliced thin, sweet and just the slightest bit tart, juices oozing with every bite. Not the best fruit tart in the city, but a mighty fine one.


And in the afternoon, with hot tea of course, is when I best enjoy the Hazelnut Cake ($4), studded with semisweet bits of chocolate. The edges are crunchy, and the nutty cake is well browned for a crisp exterior, with a crumb coarse and moist. Like a massive hazelnut-based financier.

Grandaisy Bakery

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