[Photo: Kathy Chan]

Thanksgiving season means marshmallow season. And alongside the Vosges Caramel Marshmallows and the house marshmallow flavors at Three Tarts comes the new Momofuku Milk Bar cake. Meet the Chocolate Malt Cake, created from layers of densely moist chocolate cake, thick, glossy malt fudge, malted milk crumbles, and marshmallows. Charred marshmallows, of course—these are the same marshmallows that top the sweet potato and pie crust soft serve twist at Noodle Bar. Like all Milk Bar cakes, you are advises to share. But if downing a whole portion alone on a rainy evening is what pleases you, go ahead—you've got my approval.

Momofuku Bakery & Milk Bar

207 2nd Avenue, New York NY 10003 (map)


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