Sugar Rush: Banh Mi Sau Voi Cafe's Basil Seed Drink

Sugar Rush

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20091117BanhMiSauVoi Cafebasilseed.jpg

[Photo: Kathy Chan]

Growing up, my sister and I referred to this as "The Eyeball Drink," served by Mom as an afternoon refresher on a hot day. But really, it was nothing more than basil seeds re-hydrated in water with a bit of sugar. You can literally pour a bag full of basil seeds into a glass of water and watch as they go from seeds to these translucent alien-like objects. $2.50 a cup is the going rate in Chinatown. Some places mix in sugar, others add liquid sugar, and others such as Banh Mi Sau Voi Cafe add in "pourtailai," pictured above. I don't know what the English translation is, but it's got texture of fine seaweed, thick and a bit crunchy. A fine pairing, if I do say so.

Banh Mi Sau Voi Cafe

101 Lafayette Street, New York NY 10013 (map)

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