Opening Soon: The Meat Hook at Brooklyn Kitchen

"Large lambs almost a year old, half sides of pigs with their tails and kidneys intact, and dark-red, well aged beef."


[Photos: Chichi Wang]

Since its opening in 2006, The Brooklyn Kitchen has been offering classes in everything from pig butchering to canning, all in their cookware shop in Williamsburg. Classes were so popular that the owners began running out of space. The solution? The Brooklyn Kitchen Labs, a brand new store and cooking school that will also house the city's newest butcher shop, The Meat Hook—opening November 16.

Owners Taylor Erkkinen and Harry Rosenblum found the space of their dreams at 100 Frost Street, not too far from their original store at Lorimer Avenue. Formerly a textile warehouse, the space provides ample room for their teaching kitchen and butcher shop, in addition to spaces in which to store and sell their wares.

The mission of Brooklyn Kitchen Labs? To offer affordable, informative classes designed primarily for the home cook. I went to check out their new space on Tuesday evening, and I'm happy to report that the place is a great collection of everything I love: quality cookware, vintage cookbooks and tools, and of course, humanely-raised and delicious meat.

The tour, after the jump.

20091113pig.jpgBrent Young, formerly of Marlow and Daughters, was there dishing up his chicken liver pâté made with birds from D'Artagnan. The Meat Hook will be run by Young and Tom Mylan, also previously a fixture at Marlow and Daughters. Upon request, Young happily took me into the meat locker for a tour of their animals—large lambs almost a year old, half sides of pigs with their tails and kidneys intact, and dark-red, well aged beef.

The Brooklyn Kitchen Labs and The Meat Hook is due to open November 16. In Williamsburg, look for the colorful cow that presides over the space. (The provenance of the cow is unknown; it was purchased at a yard sale and hauled over in a van.)

The Brooklyn Kitchen Labs

100 Frost Street, Brooklyn NY 11211 (map)

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