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We scoffed at London's interpretation of the New York breakfast—and now they're giving it back. After Rob and Robin wrote about the preponderance of English breakfasts in the city, the Guardian questioned, first, New York's love for the fry-up:

One would have to ask why, in a city of obsessive narcissists, would anyone seriously order a plate of salty pork products sweated in grease? Why not a bagel and some of the admirable smoked fish for which Manhattan is justly famed?

... then our uncanny ability to turn it into Atkins-friendly "diet food":

Looks like there's not a single ounce of carbohydrate on the plate... the breakfast is served with "lashings of toast" but it's crucially a side dish. Where it can be conveniently turned away while the New Yorker chows into a plate of near pure protein.

... and then wonders whether this is really a proper English breakfast at all.

"Can it be a fry-up without a fried slice, toast under the egg, and a big plate of chips on the side?"

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