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This Sunday, November 1st, is the 40th annual New York Marathon. And if you're running 26.2 miles, you're going to need some serious eats to power you through. Our recommendations for New York carbo-loading, after the jump.

Bagel Stops


[Photo: Robyn Lee]

There aren't many tastier, chewier, or New York-ier ways to get your carbs in. Our favorite bagels? Park Slope's Bagel Hole, the Upper West Side's Absolute Bagel, Chelsea's Brooklyn Bagel, in Queens, the Bagel Oasis, Murray's in the West Village, and Terrace Bagel, in Brooklyn's Windsor Terrace. For more on the merits of all our top picks, check out our guide to New York's Best Bagels.

Pasta Spots


Fiore's house-made cavatelli with broccoli rabe and sausage

If you're looking for the right balance of affordable and delicious, Celeste, Fiore, and Bianca do high-quality pastas for about as cheap as you'll find.

Celeste: 502 Amsterdam Avenue, New York NY 10024 (nr. 84th Street; map); 212-874-4559. Bianca: 5 Bleecker Street, New York NY 10012 (nr. Elizabeth; map); 212-260-4666. Fiore: 284 Grand Street, Brooklyn NY 11211 (nr. Roebling; map); 718-782-8222.


[Photo: Nick Solares]

But if you're looking to treat yourself, head to Andrew Carmellini's Locanda Verde for a truly first-class carb binge. Fresh focaccia, ricotta crostini, and an exquisitely simple plate of gnocchi? Sounds like dinner to me.

Locanda Verde: 377 Greenwich Street, New York NY 10013 (at North Moore Street; map); 212-925-3797



[Photo: Robyn Lee]

No New York slices today—you're better off leaving the drippy, sloppy slices for after the race. But a sparingly cheesed pizza like Motorino's margherita, marinara, or brussels sprout & speck gets you closer to the carb-protein balance you need.

And More


Ramen Setagaya. Photo: Robyn Lee

Last year, our favorite marathoner Alaina Browne fueled up with a big bowl of ramen. (We're fans of Setagaya, Ippudo, and Sui Ren.) If you're in more of a rice mood, try Ed's favorite paella at Socarrat. Or if you're thinking corn, a few arepas should do the trick. Just stay away from anything too spicy or fatty.

Ramen Setagaya: 141 1st Avenue, New York NY 10003 (b/n 9th and 10th streets, map); 212-529-2740. Ippudo: 65 Fourth Avenue, New York NY 10003 (b/n 9th and 10th streets, map); 212-388-0088; ippudo.com/ny. Sui Ren: 302 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (at Roebling Street; map); 718-218-7878. Socarrat: 259 West 19th Street, New York NY 10011 (b/n Seventh and Eighth Avenue; map); socarratpaellabar.com.

And Most Importantly

Water, water, water! Don't forget to hydrate. Go easy on the wine and after-dinner espresso. Take care of yourself, and have a good race!


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