[Photograph: Nikki Goldstein]

I'd been hearing about the strawberry butter and biscuits at Good Enough to Eat for quite a while. It started with glowing comments from a foodie colleague, then a few other friends with fairly reliable judgment, and finally a slew of over-joyous Yelpers. Research seemed to corroborate—Bobby Flay and Rachael Ray have well-documented raves, and even Bon Appetit has weighed in positively. How could I go wrong?

I arrived at the white picket fenced restaurant to find a line sprawling halfway down the block, which wasn't much of a shock. What was surprising, though, was what I eventually found on my plate once I made my way inside: bland biscuits. Not only bland, but dry, too.

As it turns out—and it pains me to be so harsh—the restaurant's name is a little bit of a misnomer. Temperature problems seemed to affect nearly everything that came out of the kitchen, biscuits included. I certainly wished they'd been warm, at least enough to start melting a bit of the butter I generously smeared onto each bite. Because if there was one thing that may have redeemed the biscuits, even just a little, it was that luscious strawberry spread. Fruity, subtly sweet, and whipped to a perfectly spreadable texture, I can see why it's gotten so much praise. But is it worth a visit on its own? I'm afraid not.

Good Enough to Eat

483 Amsterdam Avenue, New York NY 10024 (at 83rd Street; map)
212-496-0163; goodenoughtoeat.com‎


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