Here's yet another serving of some delicious educational opportunities to get down and dirty for next week. All classes listed still have openings, but if you hear otherwise, please let us know.


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

'Southern Cooking Essentials' at ICE
Friday, October 30, 6 to 10:30 p.m., $110
Discover where the South pulls its influences from, across Africa, the West Indies, France, and more. There's nothing quite like Southern cooking, which you'll explore by making fried green tomatoes, shrimp and grits, creamed corn, fried chicken, peach crisp, and more.
The Institute of Culinary Education, 50 West 23rd Street (at Sixth Avenue), Manhattan; 800-522-4610; for more info and registration

'Calling All Locavores: Homemade Bread & Market Menu' at the Natural Gourmet
Saturday, October 31, 10 to 4 p.m., $150
Peter Berley spends the morning and afternoon teaching the art of homemade, first by preparing focaccia dough, then taking you to the Union Square Greenmarket, where you'll improvise while shopping for fresh produce. The remaining hours will involve preparing the meal with your local ingredients and homemade foccacia—and eating it!
Natural Gourmet Institute, 48 West 21st Street (at Sixth Avenue), 2nd Floor, Manhattan; 212-645-5170; for registration

'The Mystery of the Caves' at Murray's Cheese
Monday, November 2, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., $75
See if you can get on the waitlist for this Murray's class, all about affinage. Beneath the floor of Murray's are tons of wheels of aging cheese, which you'll tour, get an overview of activities, discover the science of cheese, and taste a few of the specialties. This class shows up multiple times a year, so keep your eye on the schedule.
Murray's Cheese, 254 Bleecker Street (at Sixth Avenue), Manhattan; 212-243.3289; for info and registration

Meshing French and Greek cuisine, and an exquisite Thanksgiving feast—after the jump.

'The Food and Wine of Alsace' at Astor Center
Wednesday, November 4, 6 to 9 p.m., $125
Cook through the German and French influences of Alsace cuisine with Michael Krondl, who will prepare the following with you: savory muenster and walnut kougelhopf (cheese-filled bread), trout in Riesling, choucroute garni (casserole of sauerkraut and smoked meats), and tarte aux riwele (layered kirsch-flavored apple tart).
Astor Center, 399 Lafayette Street (at East 4th Street), Manhattan; 212-674-7501; for info and registration

'The Ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner' at ICC
Friday, November 6, 6 to 10 p.m., $195
Take the typical turkey-mashed-potatoes-and-stuffing Thanksgiving, and kick it up a notch with some "sophisticated" preparation techniques. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but you'll probably knock your family's socks off with your gourmet prowess after cooking classic holiday dishes in the ICC kitchens.
International Culinary Center, 462 Broadway (at Grand Street), Manhattan; 888-324-CHEF; for info and registration

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