20091024colameco.pngAs someone who wrote two guides to New York food, New York Eats, and New York Eats (More) I know full well how difficult it is to write one that's fun to read and trustworthy. Maybe that's why I had such a good time reading Mike Colameco's Food Lover's Guide to NYC. Mike is the host of PBS's Colameco's Food Show and Food Talk on WOR Radio. I first got to know him when I was a guest on his radio show. There, I found him to be a much-needed passionate, discerning, and welcoming presence on the air.

Those qualities are on full display in his book. Mike knows what delicious is, and he knows how to write about the delicious in a way that is both authoritative and inclusive. Thanks to the good folks at Wiley, we are giving away five copies of Mike's book. So if you live in New York—or you're planning to come to Gotham any time soon—it's worth entering this contest. If you are lucky enough to win you'll find Mike's book helpful and informative.

To enter, just answer the following question: What's your favorite off-the-radar spot in New York? (Or if you've never visited—what would you most hope to try?)

Contest will end and comments will close at noon ET, Tuesday, October 27, 2009. One entry per community member. The standard Serious Eats contest rules apply.


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