Finally made it back to the Rockefeller Center location of La Maison du Chocolat this week, well before the 45 minute mark in which they close their ice cream service prior to the actual daily closing of the shop.

La Maison's selection of ice cream and sorbets are always quite wonderful and only offered during the summer months. These frozen sweets are available for three more weeks, and then you'll have to wait till next year. I had my eye on the chocolate sorbet, but a close friend with trusty taste buds claimed that chestnut ice cream was their finest offering. So I went in and swooped down on the chestnut, served in a cup or cone at $4.25 for a single serving.

The chestnut is pure and mild in taste, though velvety in texture, its rich smoothness punctuate only by the occasional nibbles of fresh chestnuts. Stick with the chocolate sorbet if you're craving the rich sin of La Maison's dark chocolate captured in frozen form, but you'll do more than well with chestnut should the flavors of luxurious simplicity call your name.

La Maison du Chocolat

30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York NY 10112 (map)

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