Photo from the Universal Record Database Blog

The World Record Appreciation Society convenes in New York each month for a night of oddball record-breaking—officially launching the Longest Printer Shotput, say, or attempting the Most Face Slaps In One Minute. Every attempt is documented and entered into the Universal Record Database. But this Wednesday, August 12, will be their first themed gathering—and it's all about food.

They've already lined up Nichelle and Rachel of Cupcakes Take The Cake to make the world's largest cupcake kebab, and a group to set a record for the most crustless PB&Js made in one minute. Fingers crossed that someone will try to break our current favorite: "Fastest Time To Open A Can Of Alphabet Soup And Spell PANTYHOSE." (25.77 seconds can be beat, right?)

The World Record Appreciation Society will meet at 8pm on Wednesday, August 12, at Crash Mansion on 199 Bowery (map). Tickets $5; available here. [via Linnea]


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