After dinner at DBGB last week, Ed, Robyn and I shared a trio of desserts. I tried to pick a favorite, as I always do when a crowd of sweets land at the table. But really, such a task is difficult when the options are so varied and equally tempting. First, a coffee-caramel sundae, complete with crumbled chocolate cookies, brownies, candied pecans, a tower of fluffy fresh whipped cream and chocolate sauce. It's hard to lose with such a pairing—who could refuse coffee, chocolate, and caramel smothered into one delicious mess of a sundae cup? If this particular combination doesn't strike your fancy, sundae combos are also offered with base flavors of kreik beer-cherry and apricot-pistachio. Ice cream by the scoop is also available. DBGB doesn't serve the top ice cream in the city, but is better than average—the texture is simply lovely, but flavors could be more aggressive.


On the lighter end is a strawberry and mascarpone tart, with berry-ginger ice cream on the side. Simple and clean cut, the tart is outfitted in a mascarpone base with sliced, fresh strawberries, gently macerated. Ginger in the ice cream provides a subtle and haunting kick, with the berry element clearly dominating the flavor profile. A fine, if not too memorable summer dessert.


The most "fun" by far was the Omelette Norvegienne, a baked Alaska flambéed tableside with Chartreuse. The chilly sweet incorporated vanilla, raspberry and verbena ice creams with an outer layer of sponge cake. Ice cream and all is enrobed in a billowy coat of fresh meringue flambéed a deep golden shade. It's the first time I've had baked alaska in ages—such delicious fun it was to poke my fork through multiple layers of meringue, cake and ice cream! More restaurants ought to bring back this dessert—or at least a modern day interpretation of one.


299 Bowery, New York NY 10003 (at East 1st Street; map)

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