Though skeptical of snow cones that cost as much as gelato and aren't fluorescent green (or blue or yellow), I am a fan of Num Pang's newest sweet and spicy cherry flavor ($3.80). Launching snow cones earlier this month with two flavors (pineapple ginger with toasted coconut and lemongrass lime with lychee), the Cambodian sandwicherie accomplishes the right feathery snowflake texture you want in a snow cone. So often they are ice nuggets about to break your molars, which has its place sometimes sure, but think about your dentist. He or she would want you to splurge on the fluffy version.

Macerated in port wine, the bulbous cherry halves get a little kapow from red chili flakes. [Fans of both spicy food and snow cones: there is a god!] The ice-to-cherry ratio is great—you don't have to pace yourself the whole time, eating gratuitous bites of ice before ever reaching the good stuff. To maximize the experience, let it melt a tad.

Num Pang

12 E 12th Street, New York, NY 10003 (b/n 5th Avenue and University Place; map)

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