Lemongrass Lime with Lychee snow cone.

Num Pang (the sandwich shop offshoot of New York's only Cambodian restaurant Kampuchea) is now serving snow cones in two flavors. Take your pick: Pineapple Ginger with Toasted Coconut or Lemongrass Lime with Lychee.

The lemongrass cone was a little weak for my taste, but the pineapple ginger was the best snow cone I've ever had. After tasting it, I quickly got over my disappointment that the the snow cones weren't served in those nostalgia-inducing paper cones. Not for the ginger-averse, this baby packs a serious ginger punch. The snow cone could only be improved with more of the freshly toasted coconut to balance the spiciness of the ginger. Num Pang, if you're listening, I'd love it if you did little ice and toasted coconut layers all throughout your environmentally-friendly GreenWare cups.

If you are around the Union Square area and if New York ever gets some true summer weather, one of these snow cone would be a fun mid-day pick-me-up.

Num Pang

12 E 12th Street, New York, NY 10003 (b/n 5th Avenue and University Place; map)

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