I have to confess, I was more interested in the dessert menu than the cocktails at Mayahuel, the newest of East Village cocktail bars. They offer three sweet dishes: cheesecake with mango sorbet and shortbread crumbs, tres leches cake with toasted coconut, and churros. Churros! Great churros are hard to come by in this city, so I was especially excited after hearing positive reviews on the grapevine. Serious Eater Tam and I settled in late one Thursday night and pounced on an order of churros (along with tamales and, yes, cocktails).

The churros (six for $8) are each about a fingers' length, and were served piping hot, straight from the fryer (a major plus). But they were so thickly coated in piles of cinnamon-sugar, we could barely make out the churro itself. Plus they lacked innards of any sort.

The dipping sauce, a shallow bowl filled with a duo of boldly flavored and not too sweet, spiced hot chocolate and warm dulce de leche was just lovely, if a bit thin. Our experience seems to differ from others on eGullet and Chowhound. Fingers crossed that it was simply an inconsistency issue. Until then, we've got our eyes out hunting for the city's best churros.


304 East 6th Street, New York NY 10003 (map)


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