This might be the best $1 your sweet tooth could ever spend on Bleecker Street. One cannoli, filled to order at Rocco's Pastry Shop. My favorite cannolis come from Villabate in Bensonhurst, Salvatore Brooklyn Ricotta at the Brooklyn Flea Market and other retailers, and Madonia Brothers Bakery in the Bronx. But for a local neighborhood fix, Rocco's will more than suffice. The $1 cannolis are of the dainty size; a lovely three-biter that satisfies your whims while leaving ample room for L'arte del Gelato around the corner.

That may look like pistachios speckled on either end, but you heard it here first—they're just colored peanuts. Why? We'll never know.

Rocco's Pastry Shop
243 Bleecker Street, New York NY 10014 (b/n Carmine and Leroy Street; map)


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