As we reported earlier, the Los Angeles-based Kogi BBQ truck teamed up with New York City's Dessert Truck in Midtown today to serve kimchi quesadillas and cups of chocolate mousse. About 200 portions of this Kogi and Dessert Truck pairing were sold for $4 each to raise money for Citymeals-on-Wheels. Photos after the jump.


Shortly after noon, the line was way more than 200 people deep. Midtown Lunch says the food ran out at 12:58. Methinks the crowd has a message: "We want a Kogi truck."


Lee Anne Wong, Roy Choi, and Jerome Chang were handing out the goods. Wong, former Top Chef contestant and current instructor at The International Culinary Center will be in charge of Kogi's first truck in New York City as their East Coast executive chef. Choi is Kogi's executive chef from Los Angeles, and Chang is the pastry chef and co-owner behind Dessert Truck.


If you like kimchi then you'd like kimchi quesadillas: salty, sour, and spicy fermented cabbage goodness tucked into a tortilla with melted cheese. Although Kogi is known for their tacos, they went with these quesadillas since tacos would have been too complicated to make for their last minute appearance right before tonight's Citymeals-on-Wheels event. Our taco-hungry stomachs will be waiting for when the real New York City Kogi truck rolls out.


Although the quesadilla alone wasn't very filling, the light chocolate mousse with peanut butter center and caramel popcorn from the Dessert Truck provided a satisfying finish. Ah, sugar and fat—what a good combination you are.


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