Wicked chocolate, banana rum sorbet, and vanilla rum caramel were but a few flavors outfitting the Jacques Torres ice cream cart at the Hudson Street store this week (rotating flavors are also at the DUMBO location). Fresh-made waffle cones and waffles were tempting, but after sampling a few flavors, I stuck with the plain and simple in-a-cup method. At $3 a scoop, this is one of the lowest-priced scoops in town. Gelato runs nearly $5 a cup nowadays, and ice cream standbys such as Sundaes and Cones and Chinatown Ice Cream Factory take you close to the $4 range.


Banana-chocolate ice cream.

Banana-chocolate was my flavor of choice—heavier on the banana in flavor and lighter on chocolate. The ice cream itself was of fine texture: lush, consistently smooth, and just a note stickier than most ice creams. Delicious though not quite destination ice cream. When I go to Jacques Torres, even during the sweltering summer days, Mudslide cookies and frozen hot chocolate will be on the top of my agenda. Ice cream will simply be a sweet bonus.


Scooping it all up.

Jacques Torres

350 Hudson, New York NY 10014 (at King Street; map); 212-2414262
66 Water Street, Brooklyn NY 11201 (map); 718-875-9772


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